professional projects & artistic studies - all in one pdf

NOW || 2007 ...
- Touring with DIE TOTEN HOSEN "Machmallautertour 2008/2009" all over Germany
- Recordings of the main cello lines for Irish film Occi against the world in summer '09
- Live concert DVD shooting in Berlin, august 27th '09 on the "Berliner Waldbühne"
- Video shooting for DIE TOTEN HOSEN for their song "Auflösen" in Berlin with Wim Wenders in spring '09
moved 2 Nice in october '08

- Rock am Ring/Rock im Park as guest musician for DIE TOTEN HOSEN in summer of '08
- Recordings for the song "Tauschen gegen dich" of DIE TOTEN HOSEN in spring '08
- Showcases alongside french singer-songwriter Alexandre Varlet in'07
- LoZee shows up regularly on some small selected Parisien stages
- Collaboration with SANTA N for their debut album on '07
Be4NOW || 2002-2007
- Live "unplugged " on stage with Sabrina Setlur & Sebastian Hämer in Dortmund/Konzerthalle september '06
- REMOTE VERSIONS at Uzès dance festival in june 2006
- GLASHAUS "3" Tour all across Germany in october 2005
- MTV Unplugged with "DIE TOTEN HOSEN " recorded on september 1st and 2nd at the Burgtheater/Vienna, released on CD and DVD in december 2005
- Recordings for the GLASHAUS '05 cd-release "DREI"
- Performance as cellist and electrobassist for the DVD production of "Leopoldo Maria Panero" live in concert at "La Paloma" in Barcelone alongside spanish artists Bunbury , Carlos Ann, J.M. Ponce in march 2005
- Musical production in november 2004 of the song "Trentenaire et celibataire" which is included as a bonus-track in the 2005 DVD-release of french film "Je m'sens pas belle" by Bernard Jeanjean
- Guest musician on the 2004 CD-Release of German punk-rock-band "Die Toten Hosen" in the song "Die Behauptung" in july 2004
- Recordings for swiss singer Delia Mayer in april 2004 alongside bassist Per Mathisen, guitarist Martin Koller and drummer Jojo Mayer
- Appearance on the side of accordeonist/singer Nicole Renaud in "la nuit, die Nacht" for ARTE french/german television in december 2003
- "Remote Versions" - extended version in Limerick/Ireland in december 2003 at gravity and grace dance festival
- Music and performance for "Remote Versions" , a dance performance by Jone San Martin & Fabrice Mazliah/Ballet Frankfurt in March 2003
- Second Demo in preproduction status of my own music LoZee in july 2002
- GLASHAUS Jah Sound System Tour in autumn 2002 all over Germany
- First appearance on DVD together with "Glashaus Live In Berlin" streetdate december 1st 2002
- Cellist with Annette Marquard Combo (Pop-Jazz-Styles)
- Recordings for german filmscoretracks "Herz im Kopf" in spring 2002
- Recordings for spanish singer "Carlos Ann " in september 2002 -
moved 2 Paris october 2002

THEN || 1997-2002
- Cellist with Barcelona based group "Prana" (ethnic, arabic music)
- Soloconcerts in Barcelona with recitals of contemporary music
- Member of "The orchestra of chaos", concerts together with Butch Morris 2000-2001
- Duo "Duane Dorgan / Raphael Zweifel" (modern jazz; drums & cello)
- Recordings with Roland Schildknecht (Switzerland)
- Perfomances of modern dance and improvised music
- "Algodrome", live improvistion of cello solo and voice
- LoZee "SoulClassJazzHop" - song and text composing - first appearance as a singer and cellist in summer of 2000
- Eva Tresley - avantgarde "dance-music-performance" with dancer Ana Eulate, accordeonist Maddish Falzoni: shows in Dresden & Berlin in 2000
- Collaborations with catalan producer Carlos Reig for his new age/world music-projects "TirTerra" & "Ohm"
- Cellist for GLASHAUS- 3P, Frankfurt based soul-hiphop-band
- Intensive touring with GLASHAUS while autumn 2001, TV-shows like RTL "Top Of The Pops", VIVA "Interaktiv"
- Recordings and first shows with "La Kamerata" (flamenco-fusion) in Barcelone 2002
- Recording of the cellolines for the second Glashaus album "Jah Sound System" in spring 2002
- Recording session with Jeff Mann (drums) and Jordan McLean (trumpet) Brooklyn/New York
- Co-Composer and Cellorecording of "Tanz zum Beat" of the album from former 3P-act J-Luv in summer 2002
- Performance Dance and Cello during "Dias de danza" in Barcelone
- Recording for german thriller "Tatort "
moved 2 Barcelone summer of '97
Be 4 || 1992-1997
- Music studies (KA - "Künstlerische Ausbildung") at the School of Music and Interpretive Arts - "Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst" in Frankfurt a.M.
- Cello classes with Prof. Gerhard Mantel
- Jazz-Arrangement classes with Karl Berger
- SJSO - Cellist with the Swiss Youth Symphony Orchestra (1989-1994)
- Jon Lord (Deep Purple) - member of his 1994 stringensemble for the show at "Thuner Open Air" in Switzerland
- Myriam Jabaly (Chanson / Frankfurt a.M.)
- James Sutherland (Choreographer for "Henze for two") composition for cello and dance Staatstheater Wiesbaden / Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt a.M.
- Soloist: Concert for cello and orchestra by Antonin Dvorak / Festival of the Castle of Werdenberg
- Soloist: Concert for cello and orchestra by Joseph Haydn in D-major / Liechtenstein-Werdenberg Orchestra
- Cello-Dance-Project , performances of modern music and neo-classical dance with poetry: f.e. original adaptations of "Peter and the Wolf", works of the polish composer Maciej Zborowski
- cello recordings for "Peeni Waali" (Reggae / Worldmusic)

LoZee alias Raphael Zweifel
Birthplace: Zurich - Switzerland